Which running back prospect is the best fit for the Eagles?


#10 Bryce Love, Stanford

Speed: 9
Versatility: 5
Getting to the corner: 8
Body control: 7
Effort: 5
Power: 8
Patience: 9
Pass pro: 6.5
Red flags: -9

TOTAL: 48.5


Bryce Love is one of the most confusing backs in this draft class. When healthy, he’s a home-run hit waiting to happen and is one of the most physically explosive runners in this class. The issue is simply getting on the field to begin with. An ACL tear and a flurry of knee injuries have hampered what was truly a career destined for greatness. There’s no reason Love can’t excel at the next level, but the idea of him becoming a workhorse is somewhat of an afterthought now.

He has exceptional lateral agility and explodes out of his cuts. Love possesses a strong stiff-arm and is a hard back to bring down in the open field. He wasn’t really used much as a receiver and his pass protection could use some work, but this is a north/south runner with incredible vision who just won’t lose a foot race to the endzone.

However, the effort is somewhat variable and once contact is eventually made, his momentum tends to deaden. Whether these attributes are connected to Love trying to preserve his body due to extended injury concerns, I don’t know…but it’s hard not to notice.

Love’s rapidly explosive skillset sends him onto the list, but it’s barely enough to keep him on with so many question marks over what role he could realistically have at the next level. This would be a low-risk, high-reward move for the Eagles, but they can’t hang their hat on Love…for now.

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