Which running back prospect is the best fit for the Eagles?


#3 Damien Harris

Speed: 7.5
Versatility: 6.5
Getting to the corner: 6
Body control: 8
Effort: 8
Power: 8
Patience: 7.5
Pass pro: 8.5
Red flags: 0


The first of two Bama backs on this list (spoiler), Harris has scintillating long speed, it just takes a while for the engine to rev up. A bowling ball back who really defines the Bama mentality, Harris rips through tackles and although he’s not a pile pusher, he can blast through the arms of defensive tackles. He could absolutely be a strong runner in the in NFL due to his burst through the hole and potential in short-yardage situations. Harris displays plenty of patience behind the line but make no mistake, is an angry runner in every sense of the word.

The only problem is, that once contact is made, it’s relatively easy to slow him down. He’s not going to be a big east/west guy and has limited cutback ability, with body control not being his strongest asset. Instead, Harris is much more of a blow up everything in his path kind of guy, which acts as a blessing and a curse.

Make no mistake, Harris could replace what Ajayi brought to the table and without a single 20+ carry game with the Crimson tide, has low wear on the tyres.

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