Which running back prospect is the best fit for the Eagles?


#7 Devin Singletary

Speed: 6
Versatility: 5
Getting to the corner: 6
Body control: 8.5
Effort: 8
Power: 7
Patience: 9
Pass pro: 5
Red flags: 0

TOTAL: 54.5

Devin Singletary was one of my Draft crushes a couple of months ago, purely because he has a Motor that just never stops. He’s a one-cut back who leans forward into his breaks to generate momentum and is a true Bull in a China shop. Extremely strong, Singletary wants to get dirty, he wants to lower his pads and embraces contact. It takes a lot to bring him down and when you partner that with his decisiveness, Singletary is a great value downhill back.

However, as a pass protector he’s undeveloped and he lacks the burst to be used in the passing game frequently. He only seems to have one gradual gear and isn’t the most explosive in this class and a poor combine really didn’t help his stock.

Singletary would be a nice pickup for the Eagles if they were to double dip and find a more elusive partner…in fact, that would be absolutely chaotic for defenses…but I don’t think this would be the ‘do-it-all’ back that they seemingly covet.

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