Which running back prospect is the best fit for the Eagles?


#5 Trayveon Williams

Speed: 8.5
Versatility: 7
Getting to the corner: 8
Body control: 6
Effort: 8
Power: 8
Patience: 9.5
Pass pro: 5
Red flags: -3


Williams is my biggest draft crush at the running back position this year…there’s nothing in his game that I dislike. He just wants to move the chains, whatever it takes. He bounces off contact like it’s nothing, goes 0-100 exceptionally quick and he almost has this second wind where if a defender is closing him down, he can just switch on the after burners. Effective as both a runner and a receiver in such a tricky conference, Williams has all the tools that the Eagles are looking for.

He’s not a hard-cut guy and a poor showing at the NFL combine will raise question marks. However, I feel his poise, decision making and sheer heart, override that and the Eagles could rest easy knowing Williams is there to do it all in 2019 and won’t cost them a pretty penny.

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