Which running back prospect is the best fit for the Eagles?


#1 Josh Jacobs

Speed: 8
Versatility: 7.5
Getting to the corner: 6
Body control: 8.5
Effort: 8.5
Power: 9
Patience: 8.5
Pass pro: 8.5
Red flags: 0

TOTAL: 64.5

The only back to surpass what Henderson brings to the table, just so happens to be the only back who has a first round grade to many. The most complete back in the draft, Jacobs is a joy to watch. He’s ridiculously explosive and has more gears than a Formula One car. Jacobs doesn’t hesitate in lowering his pads to prepare for contact and he uses this to manipulate defenders into taking an angle before lowering his hip level and blasting out of a quick cut.

He reminds me so, so much of Devonta Freeman (for what it’s worth), with all of his power coming from what those thunderous legs do, not his frame or size.

There are going to be concerns about his long speed and kicking back into gear post contact, but it’s hardly anything worth writing home about. Jacobs is undoubtedly the most polished back in the class and if the Eagles want certainty, it’s pick #25 they should be aiming for.

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