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Journalists Wanted






College teams

Requirements: Passionate, knowledgeable, flexible, SOME previous journalistic experience, dedicated, can work to deadlines.

Passionate about any of the teams above? Want to kick start your reporting career and join one of the fastest growing Philadelphia Sports sites out there and become part of our family? Do you feel like you have ideas but no avenue to turn them into a reality?

As a member of the Philly Sports Network team, you’ll be expected to contribute between 2-5 articles a week on the stories that matter most to you. As well as compiling game reports and sourcing interviews, you’ll have the ability to give your opinion on some of the most prominent issues for your team and share it with a growing audience of over 10,000 viewers per day.

We pride ourselves on bringing something completely fresh to the Philadelphia Sports Media scene. We want to be the site that people get excited about when they see a new story posted and help change the way our city is reported on forever. From the launch of our brand new magazine – = +, to our podcasts and unique features with players..we are certainly on that path. If this sounds like the kind of fast-paced environment you’d like to be a part of, then get in touch.

You don’t need any qualifications as such but previous blogging/writing experience is desirable.


Podcast Hosts Wanted:

Our aim for the future is to get to a stage where he can host seven podcasts per week. Five of which would be weekly podcasts featuring on all of Philly’s top teams. One day for the Eagles, another for the Flyers etc. With the remaining two either being special shows/ interviews or some new ideas.

Our team for podcasting is small right now and whilst currently unpaid, the opportunity to earn a wage is a possibility that is only increasing as we grow. It will take time, but we’re aiming to be THE premier source for Philadelphia sports news and content.

Want to join our team? Contact us using the form below!


Youtube Content Creators wanted:

Love making Youtube videos? Love Philadelphia? We’re looking for the hottest video editing talent out there to create player highlights, pump up videos, montages, interviews, game highlights and much more!


Do you run a business? Let’s grow together.

Here at Philly Sports Network, we believe in helping local businesses grow. As a website that started from a bedroom in the UK, we fully understand how daunting and tough it can be to get your idea off the ground, especially when it comes to marketing. With an average weekly audience reach of 80,000, and a specific demographic of die hard sports fans in the Philadelphia area, we are in a great position to offer unique and effective advertising campaigns and strategies, working closely with you throughout the process, to create a unique experience for yourself, your business, and your target audience.

From ad-space and podcast title sponsorships, to merchandise and individual article ad placements, we have a diverse range of tools to help you push your business to the next level.


5 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. I’m really interested in being a podcast host . I’m from NC but I have been an SIXERS and Eagles fan since 1977. I have a great name for the podcast show, and music, along with amazing topics. If you’re interested hit me up and let’s talk.

  2. I would love the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Birds. I was born and raised in Philadelphia but currently reside in Tampa. In 1969, at age nine, I started watching the Eagles on my 13 inch black and white TV. My bedroom was plastered with Eagles pictures torn from the pages of the Inquirer, Daily News , and Sports Illustrated. On my bedroom wall was an abstract painting poster of Norm Snead. That same year I was the self (and channel 48) proclaimed king of the Gimbels Parade.
    I never miss an Eagles game! With confidence and a little Philly apprehension, I purchased my flight to the Championship parade the Thursday before the game. When that ball hit the ground on the Patriots’s Hail Mary I cried. That’s correct. A born fishtowner cried without getting punched in the head.

    I could provide a perspective from outside the “noise” of the city. This would be a dream come true.

  3. I was s part-time Sports’ Writer at the Courier Post under Bob Kennedy from 1983-1984 and from 1997-99. Covered high schools, college sports, and Eagles with Phil Anastasia and Kevin Callahan.

    Moved to Wilmington NC in 1999, wrote fir Wilmington Star News and now Pender Post and Voice.

    Here is the problem. I am 75 years old. I would love to write about Phillies or Eagles or do a Podcast on any local sports.

    I keep up in spirts’ News yo there online by reading Courier and Inquirer.

  4. I was told that I’m the “Steven A. Smith” at my job. I am very passionate when bit comes to my sports teams. I love my home sports teams and I’ll go to great length for them also. I am very interested and would to have a chance to cover them also.

  5. I don’t have a websitep persay, but I can make one up. I’m a graphic designer working on my bachelor’s in Fine Arts, but I love the Sixers . Im 38 something around for a while watch some great teams watch some bad teams I’m here

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