Which running back prospect is the best fit for the Eagles?


#2 Darrell Henderson

Speed: 8.5
Versatility: 8.5
Getting to the corner: 9
Body control: 7
Effort: 8
Power: 6
Patience: 7
Pass pro: 6
Red flags: 0


You couldn’t dream up a more dynamic fir for the Eagles. Henderson is an open field nightmare due to his quick cuts and even quicker acceleration. A dominant member of the Tigers offense in the screen game, Henderson did it all with home run potential. I mean, you don’t average 8.9 yards per carry, with defenses knowing you’re going to run at them…without getting noticed. Henderson revs up fast, blasts past the corner and can find cutback lanes for fun. It’s hard not to be blown away by how rapid Henderson truly is and although he’s not the most electric receiver, he will literally rip through any lane his blockers set.

The only issues I could see would be he’s a little stiff in the hips at times and there are going to be questions with his size, especially considering the power and size of linebackers at the next level.

But if you want a dream running back pick for the Eagles, it’s this man.

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