Five bold predictions for the Eagles 2019 NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is finally upon us and while we still have one last breath to draw before the whirlwind hits, here are my five bold Eagles predictions for the weekend ahead. Be sure to leave yours in the comments!

A double-dip

The Eagles are no stranger to the old ‘double dip’. Matt Pryor and Jordan Mailata were drafted as tackles last year in fact, while Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas were drafted in back-to-back rounds one year before. In fact, the Eagles have double-dipped (mostly in the later rounds) in every draft dating back to 2007. So, predicting they’re on the path of doing so again may not be the boldest thing in the world.

However, unlike the majority of those seasons, the Eagles have a team on the edge of returning to Super Bowl glory. There are a few of positions the Eagles could pick up a pair of new players at, with running back and defensive tackle being the main draws.

The Eagles did well to bolster both positions this offseason, signing Malik Jackson and Jordan Howard respectively. But the running back rotation still has some strong question marks over its longevity and as we all know, the Eagles craved defensive tackle depth more than anything last year.

My first bold prediction is that the Eagles are going to pick up a pair of running backs, or a pair of defensive tackles, sparking the roster turnover needed to keep things moving in the right direction.

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