Five bold predictions for the Eagles 2019 NFL Draft


Moving on up…

The fate of pick 25 remains a mystery. Will the Eagles take a Safety? Perhaps they’ll snatch Josh Jacobs from the clutches of Oakland. Oe maybe, just maybe, they won’t be picking at 25 at all.

The Eagles traded into the second round last year and picked up Dallas Goedert, but I feel like the inverse is about to happen…although, there are no players named ‘Philadelphia’.

I think the Eagles are a prime team to trade up into the ‘teens’ this weekend. The recent ‘Nelson Agholor is on the trade block’ report is more than just coincidental. The team are clearly trying to put feelers out to see if there would be takers for the wideout carrying a $9.4M cap hit in 2019.

As discussed on the latest episode of ‘The Outside Insider’, if a top-10 talent falls into the teens, the Eagles shouldn’t hesitate in trading one of their 2nd round picks and maybe a 4th along with a 1st-round swap and a sweetener to go up and get their guy, especially if they’re besotted with him.

You never know how the Draft will pan out, but the Eagles are ready to win it all once more and with a flurry of defensive ends available who could be ‘slide candidates’ should a run on another position knock the domino, names like Brian Burns, Ed Oliver, and Montez Sweat could have Howie sprinting to the podium.

My second bold prediction is simple. The Eagles won’t be picking at 25 overall, and instead sprint lovingly to the phones to strike a trade and move up to around the ’18’ mark.