Five bold predictions for the Eagles 2019 NFL Draft


A shocking trade…

Whether it’s to make that magical third-rounder appear or simply to leap up a few rungs of the first-round ladder, the Eagles will need to give up something eventually and although four day 2 selections are enticing, perhaps not enough.

The two main trade candidates on this team right now are Nelson Agholor and Rasul Douglas, although for very different reasons. I documented the curious case of Rasul Douglas below and the reasoning behind moving on from Nelson Agholor would frankly begin with 9 and end in million.

I genuinely believe one of these two players will be moved. The Eagles could find a slot replacement for Agholor relatively easy, as evidenced by their horde of ‘big slot’ meetings, and Rasul Douglas just needs a change of scenery as opposed to wasting away at the bottom of the depth chart in a packed DB room.

If the Eagles make draft-day moves, expect these two names to be a part of it.