Five bold predictions for the Eagles 2019 NFL Draft


The mystical third-round pick

Two second’s, two fourths, and nothing in-between. It’s a tricky spot to be in considering how many playmakers will be available in the third round of this year’s Draft, with Blake Cashman being my draft crush who I feel would be a prime target here.

The Eagles are likely to move up, but don’t disregard the idea of slipping back a couple of spots, maybe trading with the Colts for instance. There are so many Safeties and running backs available that if a team wants to jump Philly to the post at 25, somehow picking up a third-round pick seems very enticing knowing the depth that exists…or even if that same scenario happens at 53 or 57.

I don’t think the Eagles will make it out of round 2 without acquiring a third-rounder from somewhere.