BREAKING: Adam Schefter speculates Chip Kelly and Eagles “Done” after this season

After a few days complete media meltdown, NFL Reporter Adam Schefter appeared on SiriusFM NFL Radio and discussed whether Chip Kelly will be head coach of the Eagles next season.

The station then tweeted the following quote that was promptly deleted. Schefter then reportedly complained about the way that the radio show handled the situation and what they actually said in comparison.

NOTE: The above tweet was the deleted quote from the radio station due to being a misquote. Schefter has arranged to appear on 97.5 The Fanatic’s Morning Show and clear up what he meant.

With various positions such as that of LSU being speculated as a good fit for Kelly, his future in Philadelphia certainly has a dark cloud looming over it. If the Eagles travel to Detroit and come away with a loss, speculation will only continue to grow.

Interestingly though, Kelly addressed the rumours of a College return earlier today by saying “No, I have a job”.

This obviously is not official and just the viewpoint from an NFL Insider. Schefter was evidently unhappy about how the station dealt with the publicising of the quote because it could easily be taken out of context. It’s an opinion so make of it what you will..but this has not been a week of good press for Chip Kelly.

UPDATE: both ESPN and Adam have received many tweets enquiring about the “report”. At the time of publication, we could only find rumours of a report and once we had found the audio, we changed the headline to “speculates”. To avoid confusion, this IS speculation and pure opinion, as ESPN note below.