MRI suggests Sam Bradford could be back much sooner than expected


What was thought to be an AC Joint Sprain has now been confirmed as a separated shoulder in Sam Bradford’s non-throwing arm.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Eagles Quarterback wants to play this weekend despite the two injuries (concussion) suffered. The Concussion protocol may keep him out for this week but we could see an earlier return than expected. The separation would actually heal quicker than a sprain due being able to pop the shoulder back into place. A sprain would imply  that the AC Joint was overstretched whereas a separation would theoretically be solved by popping the shoulder back into place. (From brief research, I’m a journalist not a Doctor) This is why Bradford feels confident in an earlier return.

Bradford has attended meetings and both practices this week but has sat out in both. It’s important to note that no matter how amped out and positive Bradford may be feeling, he cannot return to the field until cleared by a Doctor.

It’s a positive sign, but expecting Bradford to practice once or twice at max and then play on Sunday is probably a bit too much. The good news is that the chances of the Thursday Night Football match against the Lions being started by Sammy B have increased.

Bradford could be expected to return to practice within 3 days to two weeks if the separation falls under a type 1 and two-four weeks (as we predicted) if it falls under a type 2. Full details on AC Joint sprains and separations can be found here.