Jason Peters OUT for Dallas grudge match


After much speculation, The Eagles have officially announced that Offensive star and dominant Left Tackle Jason Peters will be out following a non-contact injury suffered against the Panthers two weeks ago.

Peters was carted off the field and suffered back spasms which have led to a sustained injury that has kept him sidelined during practice this week and in turn handed duties of LT over to Lane Johnson. This is the first game that Jason Peters has missed since 2013

Before we analyse that move can we just appreciate…Lane Johnson…lining up against Greg Hardy…I can almost see the fear in Hardy’s eyes now!

Without Peters, the line suffered massively last week. Miscommunication was a big issue, Johnson was often left like Tobin with nobody to block and the pocket began to crumble far quicker than anticipated.

The problem here is that Johnson has been giving up a lot of penalties in recent weeks and his discipline has been somewhat absent. Whilst this isn’t the worst thing in the world for a lineman, the penalties have certainly helped to stagnate an already slow Offense.

Johnson has never started at Left Tackle so it will be interesting to see how he performs, considering that he is in a way the heir to the the throne that Peters sits on. This is an Offensive Line of which three players are regular first team starters and the remainder are backups or have been moved around..it’s not pretty.

This also means that Dennis Kelly will likely stand in for Johnson on the other side, making his first start in three years.

The Eagles need a big result against Dallas on Sunday Night and if Lane Johnson can rally the troops to push the Cowboys D-Line back through the trenches then the team will have an excellent chance..this could be Lane Johnson’s biggest game as an Eagle and we’re sure he is pumped for the opportunity to shine and lead this unit.