Philadelphia Flyers announce 2015-16 regular season schedule

After much anticipation, The Philadelphia Flyers have just released the official schedule for the upcoming NHL season.

You can view the entire by clicking the highlighted word above, or read our brief synopsis here:

The Flyers will open their 49th season in the NHL on Thursday, October 8 at Tampa Bay.  The back half of the home and home series will see the Broadstreet bullies home opener against the Panthers on October 12th and will close the season in a heated rivalry game when they host the Pittsburgh Penguins on April 9th.

Like the previous two years, the Flyers will play all of their divisional opponents a minimum of four times. This years schedule includes an additional game against two of their in-division counterparts, with those teams being the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers. A total of 30 division games will be played over the duration of the season.

The Flyers will play between 10 and 15 games in each month the season is in full swing, but the travelling schedule is a little more lenient. Only eight away games in November becomes their busiest road month, with seven in each of the others.

A big game to watch out for will be against 2015 Stanley Cup champions the Chicago Blackhawks on October 9th.