Ranking the top 10 most critical Eagles players going into next year -#3

With the news of Tim Tebow signing for the birds, what better time to drop our next invaluable player?

Philadelphia’s offense is the most unique in the NFL. It’s sheer focus is to run as many plays as possible, as quickly as possible in order to wear out the defense.  In such an exerting system, the second most important player in making it happen is no other than center Jason Kelce.

The center’s role is simple. Get back to the line of scrimmage and set the line before the QB snaps the ball. A slow center in this offence would provoke utter chaos! Kelce’s agility allows him to maintain the tempo of the offense whilst keeping the shape at the line.

The 27 year old’s work rate also allows the Eagles to run screen passes with a team of blockers ahead of the tailback. Kelce’s sheer physicality and dedication is envied by teams all over the league.

Jason Kelce is a man who understands Football, it’s like a racing driver who understands how every single cog in his car functions. You have players, and you have masterminds. Kelce is both. From screen passes to a HB dive or a play to the perimeter—he always takes the right angle, at the right moment, with the right action, at the right target.

Kelce earned his first Pro Bowl selection last season..impressive? He earned it despite missing four games with an injury! With a new quarterback under center, or actually a few…Kelce’s experience, knowledge and sophistication in orchestrating this offense is perhaps the O-Lines most valuable asset.