How Mark Sanchez could save the season of one Eagles receiver


There’s a mix of emotion in the Philadelphia air right now. Some are happy that Mark Sanchez will be starting this Sunday whilst others are upset that an improving Sam Bradford has endured what many predicted to be inevitable. But regardless of opinions on Mark Sanchez, there’s one player who may benefit more than anyone…

That man is Jordan Matthews. Until last week, Matthews had struggled all season with drops, tips and just about any other problem a wide receiver could face. But as he sparked the fire against the Cowboys, he entered the Dolphins game confident and raring to go.

Unfortunately, the Tight Ends would see much more action with Zach Ertz being targeted 10 times..5 times more than the Eagles number one receiver. Matthews caught three of those five passes for a very low 21 yards..but his fortunes could be set to change yet again.

When Mark Sanchez stepped in during week 9 of last season, something quite incredible happened. He formed an unlikely partnership with rookie wideout Jordan Matthews. The two had spent countless hours together training when Sanchez and during the pre-season the two became very intimidating very quickly.

In week 10, after just one half of Football against the Bucs Matthews had five catches for 106 yards…so far, Matthews has had two 100 yard games all season. With Sanchez under center last year, Matthews actually had all three of his 100+ yard games. Not only that but he scored six of his eight touchdowns.

That trend looked set to continue against the Dolphins. He may not have been the Sanchize’s favourite target but two of Matthews five targets came from a rusty Sanchez who was trying to get any kind of momentum going.

The two have built up quite a repertoire and in a scenario where so much attention is being given to the Eagles receivers and their consistent errors, a dynamic partnership that posted a 100+ yard game once in every three and had a touchdown in two in every three last season could be just what this Offense needs.

photo credit:Clem Murray/