The eight free agents who worked out for the Eagles yesterday revealed


After former Giants receiver Corey Washington Jr. was quick to take to twitter and reveal he worked out for the Eagles but was not offered a contract, rumours quickly began to surface of more free agents working out.

We had previously heard that up to five players worked out for the team at the Novacare complex but that number has been confirmed as eight.

You’ll recognise a couple of these names for sure. Brian Mihalik was taken by the Eagles in the seventh round of this years draft before being released prior to the season start.

DeWalt-Ondijo and Brandon Hepburn were also on the Eagles roster at the start of the off-season before they both sustained injuries which saw the linebackers released.

The Eagles kept with the theme of this years newest talent by working out undrafted rookie Trovon Reed who formerly signed with the Seattle Seahawks.The 24 year old cornerback interestingly used to play at wide receiver, catching 21 passes for Auburn 4 years ago. Seeing what the Eagles have done with both Thurmond and Rowe, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a transition in position..especially with the current problems the wideouts are encountering.

Brandian Ross was another undrafted rookie but back in 2011. The sagety has played in 44 NFL games and been with three teams since his entry in the draft including the Packers and the Raiders. He played one game for the Dolphins against the Chiefs before returning to Oakland in 2014 where he enjoyed his most pass deflections in a single season.  With Couplin potentially being listed on injury reserve, this could well prove to be a depth signing. To date, Ross has 150 combined tackles, 9 passes deflected and 2 interceptions.

A familiar face to the “Eagle eyed” is Robert Steeples. According to Bleeding Green Nation, the birds worked out the 25 year old two years ago before the corner had a spurt with Dallas last year.

Finally, the birds worked out defensive end Toby Johnson. At 6-3 and 312 pounds, the rookie could also find himself moving to a position in need on the Offensive Line. Formerly signed to both the Titans and the Jags, Johnson rated 102/177 DT’s in his class.