If Eagles players were Game Of Thrones Characters..

So Game Of Thrones has been almost as exciting as the Chip Kelly offense in recent episodes and it got us wondering..if the main characters were replaced by the Philadelphia Eagles..who would play who? We came up with some suggestions and reasons but be sure to tweet us which characters you think the Eagles roster could portray @PhiladelphiaSN

Chip Kelly- The Mad King

This one doesn’t need an explanation..does it? Ruler of the seven kingdoms but has a reputation for making some beyond questionable decisions..that’s Chip alright!

DeMarco Murray- Jamie Lannister

In the first few seasons nobody liked him or his inflated ego. In the most recent season we see a different side to the one handed Lannister and begin to feel some attachment as we see how tough his life is/has been. So at the start, we hated him.. the fact he was going at it with his sister didn’t help either but the point is..nobody liked DeMarco Murray before he became an Eagle. Now he’s wearing midnight green we seem to already want to find his auto’s in trading card boxes and wear his name on our backs.

Sam Bradford- Bran Stark

So much potential, leg issues.

Nelson Agholor- Stannis Baratheon

Suddenly appears out of nowhere and invades the knight’s watch to try and take over the north. The way our round one draft pick is running in OTA’s at the moment, he could probably run to Winterfell in 6.2 seconds.

Mark Sanchez- Sansa Stark

Always so close to success before somebody has to come along and ruin it. Whether it’s a crazy teenage king or in Mark’s case a butt fumble, there’s always something overshadowing such a strong character.

DeMeco Ryans- John Snow

Leader of the Eagles D, DeMeco Ryans takes his army onto the field to defeat the wildlings twice a year..by wildlings I mean the Cowboys.

Darren Sproles- Tyrion Lannister

He may be tiny, but he’s one of the most important men on the show. Sproles may be short, but his heart is huge and the runs he makes on the field? Unprecedented.

Tim Tebow- Arya Stark

Can never seem to get rid of good old Tebow. Again, like Arya, he’s been sent away for a while to only come back stronger. You either love or hate these two, but they’ll always be there or there abouts.

Zach Ertz- Oberyn

He may not have been a leading character, but Oberyn’s time on Game Of Thrones was fantastic. A fast thinker, under rated, dangerous. Very much so like Zach Ertz..let’s just hope he doesn’t run into J.J Watt anytime soon..

Brent Celek- Brienne

Always under rated at the tight end position, Celek always strives for a commanding role in the offense and has the brute strength to power his way to that role..a bit like everyone’s favourite female knight.

Jordan Matthews- Jorah

Ah, Lord friendzone. Whilst he’s great at what he does..he always wanted to be the right hand man and never quite got there. With Sanchez trying to target him so much early on before looking at other options, you have to feel for Jordan Matthews, but this season the Receiver may be looking at a WR #1 role..

Evan Mathis- Kahl Drogo

Absolute tank of a human. Born leader, adored by his army. I think Evan should start rocking eye make up and a ponytail too..actually, better not.

Matt Barkley- Daenerys

Not a bad looker but constantly just makes terrible decisions. From releasing a dragon for the hell of it to starting a revolt against herself..Daenerys always seems to make life harder for herself. Remember when Matt Barkley said he was going to make every NFL team regret not drafting him before getting desolated on the field? Daenerys.


Kiko Alonso- Ser Davos

Great guy thrust into a situation he had no intention of being in by people who are a little bit crazy when it comes to decision making..