Mark Sanchez to start against Detroit

at Lincoln Financial Field on November 22, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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The Eagles found the silver lining in a very dark cloud looming over the NovaCare complex in the way of Sam Bradford. After Mark Sanchez threw three picks in a scrappy game, fans would have been relieved to see images of Sammy B back on the practice field with his helmet on.

After officially passing through the NFL’s concussion protocol, Bradford returned to the NovaCare leading fans to believe that we could see an early return..but he isn’t out of the water just yet.

Numerous reports have surfaced claiming that it was still Sanchez taking the first team reps and that Bradford was very limited. Chip Kelly even went on to say he wasn’t aware that Bradford was going to show up, further raising doubts about his health.

If Bradford continues to ease back into shape as predicted (bearing in mind he does have a separated shoulder to combat as well) then it’s most likely going to be Sanchez starting on Thursday Night. The birds only have one more day of practice before travelling to Detroit and that’s simply not enough time to return to game fitness after being out with that kind of injury.

We may be wrong, but expect Mark Sanchez to lead the Offense onto the field against the Lions.