Three reasons why RGIII won’t join the Eagles

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding the future of current Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III. With three teams being interested in signing the versatile yet injury prone Quarterback and one of those being the Eagles, people have either been very excited or very wary of the rumours…we’re here to say why the 2012 number two overall pick won’t be playing in Midnight Green anytime soon.

3. A sticky situation

As of right now, the Eagles have four Quarterbacks on their roster, with one expected to be either traded or sent to the practice squad..whoever that is will be decided in tomorrow’s game against the Jets but the point is this. With four Quarterbacks already, Griffin would have to come in as a backup. There is no way he would start over Bradford and Sanchez has already secured his spot as number two.  Let’s say Tebow made the roster, Griffin would be expected to replace him, sending Tebow down the same path as Barkley..what does that do for confidence and morale for players in other positions?! Tebow comes in, grinds for his spot, earns it and then has it stripped away because an injury prone QB became available?! No. Chip wouldn’t allow it. Whilst Griffin would probably be a more suitable option for the Offense, there is already a log jam in Quarterbacks and the Eagles already have their starter and backup primed and ready for a full season..they wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart just 12 days before the regular season. Somewhere like Seattle would be a much better option.

2. Speedy not smart

You could arguably compare Griffin to Bradford. Both were projected careers of success and both have been plagued with injury. But there is one key difference and it’s nothing to do with how quick you can run the 40 yard dash. Since joining the Redskins in 2012 he has thrown 23 interceptions..last season in his limited time he threw six and only four touchdowns. Pre-season has seen much of the same, Griffin dropped a ball on the run, dived on top of it and hurt his knee..(no surprise there) but the fact is that he doesn’t have the vision that Bradford has. Bradford’s game against the Packers was beautiful, the passes were thrown to pin point precision and it showed by going 10/10. Griffin has struggled his entire career, imagine a Tebow who instead of throwing out of bounds, he threw Interceptions…there is no place in such a fast Offense for a panic passer, that was proven by Nick Foles last year. Whilst someone like a Mariota or a Griffin would obviously give the Offense more versatility, the unit needs a confident and accurate passer..not someone who can run a quick 40 yard dash.

1. No future in Philly

Despite all the pro’s and con’s, the fact of the matter is this. Griffin would want to move to a team and start..he would perhaps reluctantly move to a team as a backup where there is no pressure on him. Coming to an Eagles team as a number three that would not only displace two Quarterbacks but potentially a third? No chance. Griffin needs to get away from the spotlight, learn a new Offense and when the right moment comes, take the leading role. That’s not going to happen in Philly for so many reasons..the main one being that there is no escaping the spotlight in the city of brotherly love. Philadelphia fans are the most passionate on the planet, if RGIII flops again in Philly, the fans would surely let him know about it..that’s not the kind of pressure he needs. The pressure in Philly would be perhaps higher than what he’s enduring already. He needs time away in the shadows to rebuild his craft away from a cursed Redskins and work on resurrecting his career.