Mark Sanchez to start against Buccaneers


After a lot of speculation last night, Ian Rapoport has tweeted an update on Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford. After sustaining an AC Joint injury and a concussion yesterday, some reporters were claiming Bradford could be back as early as this week whilst others predicted he could be out for longer.

The injuries seem to be a little more serious than first anticipated after Bleeding Green Nation reported that Bradford actually struggled to remember the first half of the Dolphins game.

Sam Bradford is expected to miss this weekend’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and could potentially miss the TNF showdown just a few days after.

This means that Mark Sanchez will start against Tampa and will most likely play on Thursday. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed by the team but the chances of Sanchez starting for this week at least are extremely high. Beyond that, it comes down to how quickly he recovers and how limited he is in practice.

We reported last night that Bradford could miss between 3-6 weeks which is seemingly becoming more and more accurate as more news begins to break.

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