Eagles Offense suffers huge setback ahead of Dallas showdown


It’s no lie that the Eagles have had their fair share of injury problems on both sides of the ball this season but as we head into Sunday Night, the Eagles will potentially be without three key players.

The following three players have been officially listed as Questionable:
Ryan Mathews
Jason Peters
Nelson Agholor

Mathews is listed as questionable following a groin injury that limited his participation on Wednesday. He then partook fully in the next day of training but had a toned down day of training on Friday, leading the team to list him as questionable. This is significant because it’s a common view that Mathews is the more efficient back out of himself and DeMarco Murray and with Murray’s embarrassing game against the Cowboys in week 2 still looming large over the team, Murray could well be facing his former team without the help of a running back who averages 6.1 yards per carry and has already proven his ability to change the dynamic of a game.

Nelson Agholor was sidelined after week 5 with a shin injury and despite some increased practice reps for the first time since the game against New Orleans, Agholor is still listed as questionable. The USC Standout has had a rollercoaster season so far and the jury is still out on him when it comes to overall performance. But as of right now, Sam Bradford needs all the help he can get and with Agholor’s route running prowess and sheer speed missing..he could struggle yet again.

It’s no surprise that Jason Peters is listed as questionable following his back spasms and non-contact injury against Carolina but what is a surprise is that Lane Johnson will be moving over to cover for Peters. This raises concern for a few reasons, number one being it isn’t Johnson’s natural position and this is a player who is already giving up too many penalties and suffering from lack of coordination.

The other issue is that surely that means that one of the Tight Ends is presumably going to have a lot of responsibility in helping the line, not a good move when Bradford needs as many steady hands as he can possibly find.

How this Offense will deal with these critical losses remains to be seen, but whilst they may not be the biggest stars to lose..they certainly will set the team back.

photo credit: Rich Schultz/Getty Images