A Birds eye view: Eagles and Ravens Practice, Day two

The pads came on for the Eagles and Ravens today in their second joint practice. There were some familiar names demanding all the attention along with a few surprises. Here’s the best from day two.

Mo Linebackers Mo Problems

Marcus Smith has joined the extensive list of linebackers who have had trouble this camp. Smith injured his right leg on a special teams drill and exited training camp on a golf cart with a reported hamstring strain. He is scheduled to have an MRI scan tomorrow.

Rowe, Rowe Rowe your boat

Yesterday we reported that Eric Rowe was giving veteran Steve Smith a lot of problems. Today the trend continued Rowe showed great positioning to ensure that Smith was walking on a tightrope as he flew down the sideline. Consistency and control all made sure that should that ball have been accurate, Smith was not going to come down with it.

Love is in the air

Bleeding Green Nation’s Brandon Gowton (who is doing a phenomenal job this off-season, be sure to check out bleedinggreennation if you haven’t already. They also deliver much more extended looks into each practice) captured this cute little video. Nelson Agholor and Jordan Matthews have sparked up quite the bromance recently and trained with each other after practice ended. Not only could they be set to become one of the finest tandems in the league, but they also have great chemistry. A very promising sign indeed. Anyone else tear up watching it…no..just me…okay moving on


Magnificent Matthews

Jordan Matthews has looked brilliant from start to finish. We awarded him Training Camp MVP for a reason and he’s picking up exactly where he left off. The Ravens Defensive backs simply could not contain the second year receiver, forcing flags and catching almost everything thrown at him. It doesn’t matter if there was one man, two men or even three on him, Matthews would make the catch. He just gets better and better as time goes on.

We said stop sleeping..

We told you to stop sleeping on Denzel Rice for a reason. The undrafted free agent had yet another fumble recovery today after forcing it in the first place. E.J. Biggers also had a big day, bringing home a pick six. It seems that whilst light at the position, there is certainly no lack in talent.


We also told you not to worry too much about Parkey’s blip yesterday. He didn’t miss a single kick today and looked much, much sharper. All’s well that ends well..

Sam Bradford blah blah

It’s almost become predictable by now. What are we going to write when mentioning Sam Bradford? Yep, you guessed it. Another huge day for the former Rams QB as his laser arm torched the field. A huge drive with bullets over the middle and some more eyebrow raising catches with Jordan Matthews has set the Quarterback up beautifully if he is to start on Saturday. Bradford has looked dangerous all camp and the Ravens can’t get to him quick enough. The passes are way too accurate and he gets them out far too quickly to even worry the former number one pick. We could go into plenty of detail about the various throws but by now it’s become so consistent that we don’t have to. Bradford has the ability and potential to lead this team to greatness.

Oh, and he also hinted that he will be playing on Saturday..

Backup Battle

Interestingly Matt Barkley had a great day as well. A nice touchdown drive was reminiscent of his work against the Colts. Barkley isn’t going to go down without a fight and looked to lose many of the worries that we had in todays practice. There was less overthrowing and much more composed decisions.