Has Chip Kelly slept on the teams best pass rusher for too long?

When an off-season as chaotic as this one rips its way through the city, it’s easy for players to get lost in the madness. One of those was Vinny Curry. Whilst he only played just over 30% of snaps last season, Curry has already put himself into the Eagles history books by recording nine sacks in a single season..only the fifth Eagle in the last 12 seasons to do so. Whilst his talent and his name are well known, there is one fact about him that isn’t. He has just entered the final season of his rookie contract. Defensive Linemen aren’t usually ones to snag the headlines, so it would be easy to see why the story has previously gone unreported on, but with all the Quarterback stories and movement changes, it’s somewhat been disregarded all together. There have been some big money deals this year, Curry will no doubt want an improved deal once he laces up for the Eagles once again.

It wasn’t just the nine sacks that made him a crucial part of the Defence last season. He forced four fumbles, tying top of the team with Brandon Graham. But in a 3-4 system, Curry is not in the best of positions to seek more playing time.

Need more proof as to how important Vinny Curry is? Take a look.

Chip Kelly may need to focus on the engine parts as opposed to how the car sounds, for lack of a better analogy. When you look at the other linemen on the roster, including Cedric Thornton and Bennie Logan, they are all solid. But there is no denying that Curry’s pass rushing ability outshines not just the linemen but perhaps most others on the team. There are only two players who are more refined in that area and they don’t need to be named as their reputation carries the weight.

Trent Cole left the roster this off-season which leaves only Connor Barwin as the prime pass rusher. Vinny Curry has proven his ability by having his best season to date, it’s up to Chip Kelly if he wants to extend the deal and pay him some money or risk letting him go at the end of the year. If you ask us, the risk is not worth the reward, KEEP CURRY.