The most overlooked Eagles player going next season

When the Eagles cut Evan Mathis recently, despite the upset from fans, many understood. This had been a long time coming and it was simply not viable to keep him at the team any longer. However when Chip Kelly signed a veteran who had never been a starter or had a notable performance, fans started to get a little confused.

But, it appears Kelly has done it again. From what we have heard form the Eagles players themselves, Allen Barbre has fitted in perfectly. The era of Mathis is over as far as the team are concerned and have expressed full faith in the new addition.

In his seven seasons, Barbre has appeared in 48 games but has only started in eight.  Seven of which six years ago, when he was right tackle for the Green Bay Packers.

Barbre is widely predicted to start in Evan’s former position and started in Right Guard during one game in 2014. However in a recent interview, he seemed confident that the left side is where his talent really lies, as do his teammates.

The problem for Barbre though is that we have to hope he’s right. It’s not like he’s filling in for a slob, Mathis was fantastic and is likely going to succeed wherever he ends up. They are mighty big boots to step into and the pressure is perhaps the highest it has ever been on the O-Line. Not only are the team looking to be more dependant on the line, but a lot of attention is going to be placed there. Two veteran guards have since left the team, the backfield is one of the biggest stories surrounding the Eagles this year and their new Quarterback will need protection if he is to stay healthy…Barbre needs to step it up this year. By the looks of things, he is already doing so, which is a promising sign. But we will truly find out in August.