Seahawks Cornerback interested in joining the Eagles

Cornerback Byron Maxwell played a vital role in the Legion of Boom during last season, but the team where he won a Superbowl and very nearly two, may not be the team he’s playing for next season.

The Eagles have been making plenty of waves recently, trading LeSean McCoy and making plenty of cap space. Trent Cole was also released earlier this week which could well be a sign not only that Kelly was dis-satisfied with his defence, but also looking to improve it during free agency.

Maxwell spoke about the proposed move when asked during an ESPN interview. “Definitely. They’re running a scheme that I’m talking about. Cover 3, man press. And they’re committed to winning, so definitely Philadelphia. If they was to come at me, I would definitely consider them.”

There aren’t many teams in the league that need assistance in that area more than the Eagles. The team finished 31st in the league against the pass in 2014. Could we see Maxwell in the Eagles secondary next season?