Sixers fall short to Toronto

With two injuries and the release of a player, Brett Brown had just 10 players at his disposal last night for a home game against the Raptors. The big news being that Philly had released JaVale McGee. His future is the subject to many debates that are still being discussed to this moment. Covington and Richardson were sidelined following minor knocks picked up at Indiana.

But the Sixers didn’t put on a weak performance. If anything, it was very convincing. Despite this however, The Sixers picked up their eighth loss in ten games and fell to a 13-47 record.

This game was to showcase the 27th variation of a starting line up this season, a staggering statistic. But this lineup showed a lot of promise. Especially compared to their performance at the weekend. They shot over 50 percent hitting 41-fNBA: Toronto Raptors at Philadelphia 76ersor-78 and dealt 32 assists. Offensively, they were sound. Defensively..well, they struggled. It was again a case of trying to perfect the pick and roll but it never quite came off and the transition play from O to D was slow at best. This ultimately cost the Sixers who were showing increasing signs of promise and almost matching the Raptors on the stat sheet. Only Nine shots went unassisted which is a testament to just how much things are changing in Philly and how quick they are as well.

With a roster roundabout that doesn’t show any signs of stopping, stability doesn’t seem to be a reliable factor right now..except for one man and his ever expanding block list. Nerlens Noel has hit double figures in eight of his past nine games and is playing with so much more confidence now. Physicality levels have risen and he’s able to jump up and shut down opposing scorers whereas before he would struggle.

Overall it’s a disappointing loss to take. But with the rebuilding of the team showing more signs of progress each game, it’s only a matter of time before it all clicks together. The potential is there, it’s just a case of finding what works the best in each game..something that takes a solid quarter or two it seems each time. But it has to speed up soon, otherwise it may be too late.