The three headed beast in the East

DeMarco Murray, Ryan Matthews, and Darren Sproles as we all know individually are incredible athletes. Together however, they have unbelievable potential.

Scepticism is the word I would use to describe most Eagles fans emotions over the past few months. With wild calls being thrown out more than interceptions from Eli Manning, we half expected to be playing on Ice next season! But, once all the dust had settled, the interviews were conducted and the trades were’s easy to see that Chip Kelly isn’t crazy..just crazily intelligent. (Maybe a tiny bit crazy though)

The McCoy trade shocked the nation, the racism allegations shocked it further. But upon Chip Kelly’s recent comments, we learned something. Shady was never the intended back for this scheme and Kelly would rather have a north-south back than one out of a video game that will dice side to side to create holes.

Ryan Matthews is insanely talented but has always had issues staying healthy, an attribute Kelly seems to have a thing for it seems. But if Matthews can stay healthy, you have the most powerful back in the league who has at least one more groundbreaking season in him, one of the most elusive backs and kick returners in the league and a now consistent student who could well have a breakout season. We may not have the physicality on the Offensive line just yet or the intimidation of other teams, but in the backfield..we’re a dragon who’s ready to burn any team alive. What’s worse than stopping one huge yardage running back? Stopping three of them. Once Murray gets fatigued, in steps a fresh Matthews, then a fresh Sproles, it’s constant. No room for rest. No plays where the opposing Defence get some time to breathe. Is injury really going to be an issue? With three running backs in constant rotation over 16 games, the entire depth of the position should have enough rest to remain fit for the season.

Whilst Sproles is small, he has proven numerous times last year that he’s no pushover and infact surprisingly strong. Kelly has lost one elusive running back and picked up two who are going to push the pile forward and then drop on contact. Murray was used and abused last year, picking up more touches in a game than us brits have cups of tea in a lifetime..that won’t happen here. It will be a much fairer spread of the ball between three players who all share the same motive and play the same style. Kelly was never going to get that with LeSean.

Whilst our running game isn’t the be all and end all of our offense, it certainly plays a huge part in dictating the pace of the game and efficiency moving down the field. With a new QB at the helm, Bradford will need support. He doesn’t just have support this year though, he has an army.