Dropping like flies- Trent Cole to be cut from Eagles Roster

The Eagles had been hoping to convince Trent Cole to take a pay cut but apparently that hasn’t happened as reports suggest he is expected to be released within the next day or two.

Cole has been a solid pass rusher if not a tad inconsistent for the birds and had 14.5 sacks in the last two seasons. But with his cap number scheduled to be $11.6 million this season, it’s no surprise that the the team felt like that was a little too expensive given the numbers.

Coach Kelly, has been  full control of all personnel decisions and is making it very clear that he wants to make some big changes this off-season. The next year will mark his third full season at the team and it appears that he wants to get rid of the ageing, lesser quality or more injury prone players to bring in some young blood or even make some “upgrades”.

There is no question that Kelly is clearing plenty of cap space. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him making some waves when free agency begins next week.