Marcus Mariover? Howie Roseman against trading up for a shot at Oregon QB

There has been a lot of hype, theories and hersay recently regarding the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL Draft..more importantly, the shipping of Chip Kelly reuniting with Marcus Mariota and bringing him to Philly. For many reasons this could be both the best and worst scenario for the Eagles, and those reasons we will touch on in another article. But for now, something has surfaced which may change the direction the Mariota boat is sailing.

Eagles executive Vice President Howie Roseman doesn’t seem to support the idea of trading up to an early pick. He was quoted earlier as saying “The history of trading up for 1 player, when you look at those trades, isn’t good for the team trading up and putting a lot of resources into it. Because the guys who are really good at the draft,if you’re hitting on 60% of your 1st-round picks, that’s a really good track record.” The sentiment here being if you place enough bets, one of them is going to win.

This could easily be read as Roseman dropping some major hints that he doesn’t support trading away the heartbeat of the team for a chance that a player will turn out great. It’s a valid point, but will this be enough to influence the unpredictable Chip Kelly?

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