New-look Sixers, old look Turnovers

When you make some gutsy calls as a coach, it’s always going to go one of two ways. Either really, really well…or worse than you had first started. For the 76’ers on Thursday, it appears that the case may be the former. After that worldie of a three pointer against Miami, Canaan Made his third start since being acquired from Houston earlier this month and he looked like a completely different player. Out of a season tying 28 turnovers, the latest acquisition turned the ball over a staggering five times while playing just under 33 minutes. This immediately raised question marks over whether this was the right call to bring him in.

But not only that, just what is going on with the team at the moment?! What kind of game are they trying to play? The players seem dazed, confused and uneducated. The problems run far deeper than Canaan. New signing Ish Smith did even worse!He also committed five turnovers…in half the time. This could be the icing on a very stale cake in Philly. THe season has been nothing short of disappointing and with limited amounts of time left in the season, the coach is trying to implement a new playing style that’s so foreign to players both new and old, they may as well start learning latin. Both Canaan and Smith are being asked to play major minutes in big games without really having a firm grasp on what’s expected of them.

150223-ish-smith-alone1500 The major minutes being asked of the two are also going to wear the players down physically and mentally. The combination of not being physically ready and going back to school to learn Brown’s new hip hop offense thus far have proven to be a massive, massive ask. In three games with the Sixers, Canaan has averaged almost 31 minutes. When he was a reserve at Houston, he had just nine starts and averaged less than 15 minutes per game. The jump is sensational.

Brown did spend the better part of two years developing MCW, and is adamant that the turnovers will start to dip. It’s obvious that both of the newbies have talent, it’s just a case of refining the statue from a big block of chalk. Only it’s raining..and almost night time..and there’s a wolf growling next to you..

What does the rest of the year hold for the sixers? All we know is that it’s kind of like an early off season. It gives coach Brown a chance to implement this scheme in nice and early, get the players familiar with it and look for any cracks that might need filling over the next few months. Again, this could be a huge step in the development cycle of what’s becoming a much more youthful team, or another rung down the ladder of mediocrity.