BREAKING: Donovan McNabb to face Jail Sentence


Back in June, former Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb was arrested following his second DUI in two years. Court officials have confirmed that McNabb will indeed face a jail sentence.

McNabb was pulled over after crashing into a car that was stopped for a read light and was found to not only be drunk but over the legal limit by double the amount. A bottle of Tequila was also found in Donovan’s trunk.

TMZ recently reported that the sentence would contain the following:

18 days in a county Jail

72 days detention at home after the sentence expires after which he will receive counselling

Community service for 30 hours

Probation until the sentence is served and a $6,342.23 fine

Thomas Connelly told TMZ that he will spend his nights in jail but actually work during the day but what that work will entail is still unknown.