Three bold predictions: Giants vs Eagles

Over the last three weeks our bold predictions have not only been predictions that no other news source has picked up on, but they have often come to fruition. This week, we will be looking to break the internet yet again with our three bold predictions for the Giants vs Eagles game on Monday Night.

3) Pushing to the “Max”
Byron Maxwell has had a rollercoaster start to his career in Philadelphia. An embarrassing performance against Julio in week one which turned out to be so bad he laughed it off in the post game interview certainly worried fans, but the former Seahawk has began to show real signs of improvement in recent weeks. A big pass deflection on Willie Snead, some brilliant pressing and signs of a player who is starting to feel comfortable in this scheme sae Maxwell move out of the Microscope, but this week..he is going to move into the spotlight.

Maxwell is yet to intercept a pass for the Philadelphia Eagles, we’re predicting that will change this week. With Odell not practicing this week, Victor Cruz out with a Calf injury and Randle listed as probable, this is a weakened receiving corp that thrive on the long pass…an area that someone of Maxwell’s stature should strive. At least 5 tackles and an interception for Byron Maxwell is our first bold prediction.

2) Planet Ertz
Last week Zach Ertz had his best game of the season, catching five of seven passes thrown his way for a total of 60 yards. Ertz has been slow to get going this season and it’s largely not his fault. As Bradford has become more comfortable and began to spread the ball around, number 86 has started to show the same flashes of brilliance we saw last year. A reversed touchdown call and some underthrows have stopped him from having a more impressive season but that could all change in week 6. Not only do the Giants give up the 3rd most fantasy points to Tight Ends in the league but they give up over 7 yards on average per passing play. They have given up 8 passing touchdowns in five games and 78 passing first downs.

Whilst their run Defense is much more efficient, the Giants struggle hugely against the pass. With the Eagles backfield still trying to find that winning formula, it’s likely going to fall on Bradford to lead his team up the field..and with his receivers still dropping passes, a big body like Ertz is going to be invaluable when converting on third down. We’re predicting 100 yards receiving and a touchdown for Zach Ertz and Monday Night.

1) Come out swinging
The Eagles have scored a total of 37 first half points this season with 24 coming against the Jets. In the second halves, the team have scored a total of 80…over double. The birds have been a slow starting team but if you take away the two sloppy picks last week, it’s easily the most complete the team have looked when starting a game. They now face the third worst passing Defense in the NFL and will look to take every positive from the first five games, roll them into a ball and come out swinging on black Monday. The running game may not be a huge factor on the ground, but through the air, the three headed monster combines for almost half of total receptions.

If the Eagles receiving corp can iron out those early drops then there is no reason why this Offense can’t hit the ground running. One disallowed touchdown eventually led to an INT against the Saints whilst dropped passes have hindered the team’s big yard progress. But with Riley Cooper providing to somehow be a safe pair of hands, Jordan Matthews starting to gain confidence after a shaky start and Josh Huff scoring his first touchdown..this corp may be the most dangerous it’s looked all season.

Sam Bradford knows how to lead this team down the field and once he’s in a rhythm, the Offense is very hard to stop. We’re predicting that the Eagles hit their stride early on due to the magnitude of the game, the confidence established after last weeks win and Bradford’s new found leadership values. Will they still have three and outs? Most likely. Will there be an interception in the first half? It could happen. But we’re predicting that the Eagles find a way to put up 21 points in the first half alone on Monday Night..start strongly and go into the second half with every intention of dominating a stumbling Giants team.

What are your three bold predictions? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @PhiladelphiaSN