Three Eagles players whose futures could come down to Training Camp

August officially marks the start of Football season as Training Camp and Pre Season officially gets underway, but for some players, it’s a much more stressful time as a roster spot hangs in the balance. With so many battles set to emerge in training camp for the Eagles, we decided to take a look at the three players who may surprisingly lose out on making the 53-man roster. Now whilst these are just speculative points and ALL of these players may well make the roster, we’re just looking at reasons why they may not.

3. Earl Wolff

Earl Wolff is one of those players who would probably have solidified his spot in the roster if he had been able to stay healthy. The talent is obviously there, but so are the downsides and unfortunately for Wolff it’s looking like the negatives are outweighing the positives. He has only spent a short time in an Eagles jersey which aids him in some ways but hurts him in others. With the addition of Thurmond, the competition is now stiffer. A poor training camp alongside a season in which he played in just seven games may spell the end of his short tenure. His saving grace could be the lack of depth at the position, but it all comes down to how much faith Kelly puts into Jenkins and Thurmond.

2. Riley Cooper

Despite Cooper being owed guaranteed money, he’s coming off of a very weak season. This probably wouldn’t have been such a big issue had it been a year earlier, but with Matthews setting the standard and the hype around Agholor, competition for the remaining spots are fierce. If Rasheed Bailey impresses next week then who knows what Chip will do? Miles Austin and perhaps even recently signed free agent Ajirotutu could break into the lineup. Even G.J Kinne has been putting in impressive work..don’t believe us? Check this out.

Whilst Coopers spot is likely secured due to financial reasons, nothing is set in stone in Philly..just ask Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles..maybe even call Evan Mathis while you’re at it.

1. Mychal Kendricks

Perhaps the most interesting of our picks, you have to feel sorry for the fourth year linebacker. Kiko Alonso was traded for in exchange for their franchise running back and that’s not to mention DeMeco Ryans getting a contract extension. Kelly then went on to sign Brad Jones as a free agent and picked up Jordan Hicks in the third round of the draft. Talking of the draft, there were more rumours than there were Eagles Touchdowns last year involving Kendricks being traded in a deal for Marcus Mariota, a deal that never came to fruition.

Kendricks has been a born starter since his rookie season in 2012. Since then he’s started 40 of 42 games and has three interceptions to his name alongside five sacks. He’s probably the most dynamic of the three competing for a starting spot and the only one to have a good 2014 season. When he plays, he has the talent and quality of a Pro Bowler,  but he’s had trade rumours surrounding him since the beginning of the Chip Kelly era. Now in his third season, all the pieces are falling into place as Kelly signs the players he wants and disposes of those he doesn’t..where does Mychal fit on the list? He’s a great player and the Eagles wouldn’t let him go without a significant price/player in return and again whilst it’s doubtful that he misses out on the roster, there does seem to be a cloud of uncertainty surrounding him. Why would Kelly extend Ryans and then sign Kiko Alonso but do nothing to a player as dynamic as Kendricks?