Philly Flashback Friday: Five classic games

Happy flashback Friday Philly fans! To start off a new series of articles here at Philly Sports Network, we decided to compile footage of five classic memories from Philadelphia sporting history.

5. Iverson’s Buzzer Beater against the Pacers

Who could forget this classic from the 04/05 season? Kyle Korver hit seven 3-pointers, his final shot tying the game up in the dying moments to take it to Overtime, leading to Iverson’s game winning shot at the death. Re-live the emphatic finis here!

4. Senators brawl

In a stunning 5-3 win over Ottawa, perhaps one of Hockey’s greatest moments ensued. A huge brawl between the two teams in the closing moments made great entertainment for the fans and the 8 combined goals scored make it a thriller to watch.

3. 2005 NFC Championship Game

This…needs no explanation. #FlyEaglesFly

2. Miracle in the Meadowlands

Like the above video, you simply don’t need to describe a game like this. Perhaps the most incredible comeback we have ever seen the Eagles pull off.

1. Rays vs Phillies  2008 World Series game 5

It’s about time the Phillies get some positive don’t get much more positive than their 2008 World Series victory over the Rays. It was a nailbiting finish and probably one of the most entertaining Baseball games I have ever seen.