It’s all downhill from here: Flyers burnt by Flames

What was a close game broke into a million tiny pieces in the third period when the Flyers Penalty Kill just got too frustrated, leading Calgary by the hand into a 5 on 3 scenario. The final score was yet another 4-1 defeat, identical to that suffered in Vancouver.

Mason was again in the thick of the action for most of the game as his teammates were turning the puck over all to easily. One goal Mason was screened by Nick Schultz whilst the other came off of a sudden rush following a Luke Schenn turnover.

Mid way through the game, coach Berube called a team meeting, switching Steve Mason out for Ray Emery in a so called “momentum” change. Was this too little too late?
The Flyers are now 0-2-1 on this four-game road spell. The worst part is, any losses totalling 8 points for the Flyers or wins totalling 8 points for Boston will mathematically eliminate the Flyers from the playoffs.

It looked like as soon as the third period momentum shift changed onto Calgary’s end, the Flyers threw in the white flag and rolled over, like many predicted would happen as there’s no real incentive. Playoff hopes are but a wild dream and the end of the season is near, players will want to end it healthy so may not give 100%.

A small silver lining in the cloud however was Claude Giroux, snapping his 10-game goalless streak, following an assist from the constantly impressing Voracek. But that was all short lived once the power play meltdown began as fans faces sank into their hands.

It’s not that the Flyers are playing bad, the first two periods were pretty solid and every team makes errors or turnovers. It’s the clinical finishing that the Flyers are missing. They have not been able to score goals as of late and hit every possible post, player, board in sight instead. There’s simply something missing. Easy tap ins, snipe shots, slapshots, just all seem to miss their target. It’s something Berube will be approaching now and definitely looking to reshape in the offseason.

The Flyers will travel to Edmonton to face Eberle and the Oilers on Sunday, the Oilers are a team that will punish you for silly mistakes, can the Flyers put up one last resistance before the season ends?