R.J. Umberger out for 10 weeks

In a disheartened interview earlier in the week, Flyers winger R.J Umberger told the world how he was disappointed in his performances this season which despite all of the mid game emotions you’d see from fans was actually quite sad to hear.

What he didn’t tell reporters however was that he had a tear in his right hip, two cam lesions and an abdominal tear that will require surgery destined to keep him sidelined until the end of the season.

So, if you expected more from the man who has just 9 goals in 67 games, now you know why. He’s been fighting at about 60-70% all season and now it’s just gotten too much. It will definitely be a dent in the Flyers run to the end of the season, but hopefully the reformed Umberger may perform to the level many expected him to.