BREAKING- Lesean McCoy rumoured to be traded to Buffalo next week

Rumours have just surfaced from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Eagles star running back Lesean McCoy has been traded to the bills in exchange for LB Kiko Alonso. This trade is expected to be made official next week. Now we don’t know how much truth is behind this move but if you step back and look at what moves have been made already this off season by Chip Kelly then as shocking as it may seem, it does make sense.

The Eagles will still retain half of the dynamic duo that tore the league apart last season in Darren Sproles having acquired him from the Saints last season. McCoy is a favourite player of many fans and definitely the face of the franchise..but with a running back just as versatile in Sproles, it makes sense to free up a huge salary cap chunk by trading McCoy..right? Bring in a new RB in free agency or in the draft that Sproles can mentor and build the next generation of Eagles.

190252-650-366Alonso also played for Oregon and was the seventh player the Bills had ever signed from the college back in 2013. Is Kelly trying to rally his Oregon troops for an assault on the NFC East next season? Or is this just a coincidence?

Kelly is expected to make a lot of moves when free agency starts next week, but with rumours appearing more and more frequently that McCoy was to be involved in a deal to aid Philadelphia’s aim of acquiring a top draft pick to bring in Mariota, this trade seems likely.

Updates coming soon.