What would a Carson Wentz trade with the Denver Broncos look like?

Another day that ends in “y”, another Carson Wentz trade rumor. This time… it’s the MYSTERY TEAM?! I’ve been on the Denver Broncos as a destination for quite some time, it makes a ton of sense.

John Elway was unable to lure a marquee name at the quarterback position since Peyton Manning retired. Now, with a new GM in the way of George Paton, the most important thing is that the team find a QB with the “name” and the “production” (2020 aside) to help Denver compete with Kansas City in the division. At the very least, they need to be sure they can keep the Chargers and budding star Justin Herbert away from them.

Paton is no stranger to dealing with the Eagles, as he was part of the Vikings front office during the Sam Bradford trade. Bradford went on to throw 20 TDs and 5 INTs in 2016 for the Vikings.

With that familiarity and the willingness of John Elway to OK a move for a new QB, there should be a relatively easy road to a trade.. right? Well, it boils down to compensation.

What the Broncos can offer the Eagles?

The Broncos currently hold the 9th pick in the draft. That’s some serious capital in itself. Parting with that pick would give the Eagles picks 6 and 9 (nice).

Outside of the pick, they have some attractive names on their roster that are on rookie contracts:

Courtland SuttonSutton was widely looked at as a “breakout” star for 2020, then a torn ACL happened. Following a 1,100+ yard sophomore season, Sutton was limited to 31 snaps in his first game of 2020. Without Sutton, Denver relied on Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Noah Fant, Tim Patrick, and DaeSean Hamilton for production. Jeudy (856) and Patrick (742) led the way for the Broncos, while tight end Noah Fant was next (673). That production suggests the Broncos could survive a Courtland Sutton departure. Sutton is in the final year of his deal and has a $2.9 million cap hit.

Reports are that the rehab is going well and he’s recently started running.

DaeSean Hamilton – If the Broncos want to see how well Sutton recovers from rehab before deciding whether or not to move on, they could move on from one of his replacements. Hamilton went to school at Penn State and is entering his fourth year in the league. In 2020, he had 293 yards, which is four yards short of his 2019 total. The production hasn’t been there, but maybe coming home can unlock his potential.

The Draft Network’s Brad Kelly called Hamilton his “favorite receiver of the 2018 class”. He has the skills needed for the slot and is big enough (6’1″) to abuse the smaller DBs he’d see in the slot. The Eagles haven’t had a “big slot” receiver in quite some time.

Hamilton has one year left on his deal and carries a $2.35 million cap hit.

Royce Freeman – It feels like Freeman is always rumored to go to the Eagles. Phillip Lindsay is a free agent, so if he leaves then I can’t see the Broncos parting ways with Freeman. But if they bring back Lindsay to keep their two-headed monster intact with Melvin Gordon, then Freeman is expendable. He turns 25 next week, doesn’t have a lot of tread on his tires, and has a career 4.0 YPC. His 6’0″ 238 lb frame is the big body the Eagles have not had since Blount.

Freeman has one year left on his deal and carries a $1.2 million cap hit.

Defensively, it’s hard to see the Broncos parting ways with any of their young talent. CB Michael Ojemudia will be entering his second year and shown flashes of starter potential. The team just released AJ Bouye, so the need for CB depth is high.

What would the deal look like?

If Elway is serious about competing with the Chiefs for AFC supremacy, he’ll offer number 9 and be done with it.

If the Eagles insist on a player in return, then number 9 is off the table.

I see two options:

1: Eagles send Carson Wentz and 3rd round pick to Denver for 9th overall pick

2: Eagles send Carson Wentz, 5th round pick, conditional 2022 4th round pick* to Denver for Courtland Sutton, 40th overall pick, conditional 2022 2nd round pick**

*Conditions: 4th round pick can become 3rd if Sutton has 1,000 yards

**Conditions: 2nd round pick can become 1st if Broncos win AFC West

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7 thoughts on “What would a Carson Wentz trade with the Denver Broncos look like?

  1. I’m also in Denver. I really don’t see Paton will do this, too risky. What the Eagles think Wentz is worth is delusional. I could care less where he goes as long as it’s not here. I’d tell them to piss up a rope if they think they can get Cortland. How about Driskel, Vannett, our best towel boy, and a ’74 Pinto?

  2. It is my firm belief that Wentz will be traded to Indy along with Ertz as a package. Ertz is the key to making the trade happen. Indy would wind up with a Pro Bowl TE and a QB who once he is out of Philly and the pressure of Hurts behind him, will come back strong. He is not mentally tough, but once he knows he is the man in Indy, he will play well

  3. I would take either of those deals, but I highly doubt either would be available. I’m an Eagles fan, and if I was Denver, I would look at the fact that Wentz truly sucked something awful in 2020. He didn’t have a high in interceptions, or a low completion %, or almost lead the league in sacks….he did all 3 and more. His meltdown was far greater than just a bad year. For 4 years Wentz had a QBR under 74 only twice…in 2020, every game was below that. A team looking to take Wentz on, has to look at that and question the wisdom or lack thereof of taking Wentz in a trade. For Denver to think Wentz for the #9 pick….”sounds great Howie…ship him over”….Elway would be chased out of Denver by a mob looking to beat him to death.

    Sadly, I’m in agreement with the Denver posters…if you want us to take Wentz off your hands, send us a decent player or a draft pick as well. You can think about it this way….would you take Locke for the # 6 pick? Not on my worst day. The Eagles must get rid of Wentz, but it won’t be to Denver. With pick #9, Denver would be better hoping that some of the teams in front of them take WR or LT or CB and that when #9 rolls around, they can take whatever QB is left. Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, Jones or Trask would be an upgrade over Locke, or would at least be good competition

  4. I live in Denver and this is not at all the sentiment here.. they are looking for the Eagles to send over draft capital to take Wentz off your hands… There is no conceivable way Denver gives up players of that caliber or draft picks for him..

  5. Never happening. Drew Lock was just as good (or bad, depending on your point of view) as Wentz in 2020. Why take on Wentz’s hefty salary when Lock can play for much cheaper for at least one more season?

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