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Who are the best suitors in a potential Carson Wentz trade?

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If you haven’t heard the endless rumors of Carson Wentz wanting to leave the Eagles, then congratulations on just being born. How did you start reading so quickly? Baby genius..

Anywho. The market for Carson Wentz and his humungous contract is tricky to read. Which teams are desperate for QB help and have the cap space to swallow the hit? Are there teams who tick one box but miss the other? Here’s your complete guide to potential suitors.

Out of the question

  • Kansas City – duh
  • Green Bay – duh
  • Buffalo – duh
  • Baltimore – fun to think about but no
  • Tampa – wouldn’t that be something
  • Tennessee – nope
  • Cleveland – they should but won’t
  • Arizona – duh
  • Giants – lol
  • Atlanta – Ryan might not be back, but this won’t happen
  • Cincinnati – duh
  • Chargers – Herbert is legit
  • Rams – Goff sucks but they won’t move on
  • Seattle – duh
  • Dallas – lol
  • Houston – Watson wants out, but this isn’t a fit
  • Jacksonville – Trevor Lawrence

Never say never

New Orleans

Brees’ arm looks absolutely cooked. It’s time the Saints look into acquiring their next franchise quarterback and no, it shouldn’t be Taysom Hill nor should it be Jameis Winston. Brees will probably be back next season, but who will they rely on when he’s gone?

The Saints are in a deeper cap hole than the Eagles, and there’s absolutely no way the Eagles would trade Wentz to a team like the Saints. Right? 

But on the flipside, having Sean Payton, Alvin Kamara, Slant Boy, and that offensive line would make life a lot easier for Wentz.


Big Ben is big done. Did you see his last few games? The deep ball just wasn’t there for him. His decision making grew more questionable by the game. He lost to the Browns. It’s time for him to hang it up.

Mason Rudolph is a potato of a quarterback and Joshua Dobbs isn’t good. They need a new QB to support that dominant defense. With all reports that Carson isn’t “coachable” you’d think a coach like Mike Tomlin would be able to rectify that.

Replacing Roethlisberger with a quarterback who was compared to him coming out of college isn’t super far fetched, but still highly unlikely.


The Dolphins moving on from Tua after one year? It’s pretty unlikely, but this is a team that moved on from Josh Rosen a year after they traded for him. They also couldn’t decide whether Tua or Ryan Fitzpatrick was their best starter this year.

I do not think they’d move on from Tua for an “older” quarterback, but the prospect of pairing Wentz with either DeVonta Smith or Ja’Marr Chase could be a reality for a different team.

Despite the dominance of Buffalo, Miami still seems to be just a quarterback away from being a contender for the AFC East crown. Wentz could help them get there. The Dolphins have two first-round picks and two second-round picks. Could one of those seconds do the deal? That would allow the Dolphins to solidify a lot of areas on that team to surround Wentz with talent.

Teams likely keeping a close eye on Carson Wentz


The Eagles and Washington are no strangers to inter-division trades of a star quarterback.

A 33-year-old Donovan McNabb was coming off a Pro Bowl season where he went 10-4, threw for 3,553 yards, 22 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions when he was traded to the team’s divisional rival. Could the Eagles do the same with Carson?

Would a second and third-round pick do it? The Washington team is a quarterback away from being extremely competitive in the NFC, but would the Eagles do that favor for a rival? If their view on Wentz is that he is indeed regressing, this is a move they could seriously consider.


25-21-1. Does that sound like a great record to continue with? Well, that’s what Mr. Fully Guaranteed has given the Vikings since coming over as a free agent. While he was a Pro Bowler in 2019, that’s sandwiched between an 8-7-1 2018 and 7-9 2020.

The Vikings are tied to Cousins in 2021, but can move on in 2022. If they could find a way to expedite his departure, adding Wentz makes a ton of sense.

Imagine Wentz getting to throw to Justin Jefferson? Eagles Twitter would erupt.

Las Vegas

The other thing I love about Wentz is his preparation is off the charts. This guy works at it hard. He studies, he’s really into it, and when he goes out and practices, it’s like a game. He is really into football, man. I challenge you guys out here today, when you go back and start practicing, you remember Carson Wentz.

That was current Las Vegas head coach Jon Gruden when talking to high school players at PDQ restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ in 2017.

Lemme tell you, he’s 237 pounds and he’s every bit as athletic as Andrew Luck or Cam Newton, and I believe that 100 percent.

That was current Las Vegas GM Mike Mayock speaking about Carson Wentz prior to the NFL draft in 2016.

Obviously, it’s not 2016 or 2017 anymore, but the past interest of those two in Wentz is extremely intriguing to think about.

The Raiders can cut Derek Carr this offseason and only have $2.5 million in dead cap while saving $19.6 million and $19.8 million in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Wentz might not be a significant upgrade over Carr, but he’d definitely bring the star power that Las Vegas needs.


Teddy Bridgewater isn’t the answer but it’s hard to imagine the team moving on from him for a guy only a month younger.

On paper, a team of Wentz, McCaffrey, Anderson, and Moore would be hard to defend (Curtis Samuel is a free agent). If Joe Brady stays on as offensive coordinator, Wentz could have a career year.

But all signs point to Carolina drafting their next franchise quarterback.

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  • Dennis Daigneault says:

    Cannot allow Howie to make draft selections. His last several drafts have left the Eagles void of any impact players. Chase may be off the board by # 6 (he is that highly rated) so don’t discount Micah Parsons (if he is still available.) Three down LB’s that play at his level are rare. Possible signing a free agent wideout (I know the cap space-thanks again Howie!) would help. With the firing of Doug Pederson you can bet Jeffrey Lurie hires an offensive minded coach.

  • Toady says:

    Agreed decision on Doug must come first. If he stays, I don’t see how Carson does. That being said, if Doug goes, there is still a decision to be made regarding what is better for the team keeping Carson or flipping him for assets to aid in presumably Hurts ascension. At present Wentz would appear to be clearly better than Hurts individually, 2020 not withstanding. However, with development, who knows. And is a better QB able to make up for the overall talent we could otherwise pick up by flipping him? I’m more concerned that keeping Carson around might continue to split the roster and maybe moving on relatively quickly gets everyone to move on to Hurts faster and focused on getting back to high level play more straight forward. I personally would move on from Doug, I’ve too much of the same thing year in and year out now with him. Too much throw, not enough run. When Frank was here, he seemed to be able to get through to Doug, but now it doesn’t seem to happen or happen quick enough. I have no idea of the trade limitations of moving a coach, but if possible trade him and players for picks and players from NYJ. Maybe Doug, Malik Jackson, Boston Scott and Dallas Goedert. Yep, you read that right. Dallas is awesome, but more important positions need addressing and he aids with that. Ditto for Boston Scott. We would hope to get in return picks, Chris Herndon, Quinnan Williams, Neville Hewitt. Williams looks to be a nice replacement plan for Cox and at much reduced cost. Hewitt gives us some more talent at LB and Herdon assumes Goedert’s spot.

    Move on from Carson. Send him, Jalen Mills, Zack Ertz and 5th round pick to Indy for Jacoby Brissett, Mo Alie-Cox, Rock-Ya Sin and a 3rd. Brissett is a top notch reserve/ spot starter and veteran presence. Herndon and Cox aren’t Ertz and Goedert, but their servicable and with a developmental from the draft could be good enough to allow us to focus on other areas. Sin gives us a legit, albeit unspectacular starter at CB.

    Finally thank Press Taylor for all his help, take his keys and call him a cab. Hire Brian Daboll at HC and James Urban as the OC. With those 2, Hurts should development in no time.

  • Dave says:

    The best place for Wentz, is wherever it makes the most sense, once the decision is made whether Dougie is back or not. Once that decision is made, whatever coach the Eagles hire, will help determine if/where Wentz goes. Lots of different prospective head coaches with different styles. Do you keep Wentz and try to fix him, or do you hire a guy who runs a heavy RPO offense that requires a QB who is very mobile and can get 60-70 yds. a game if necessary.

    Went’z regression this year was not your typical nursing an injury, or the fact that we had a porous OL, or that our receivers are less than stellar. Hell, Hurts came in and played behind that same line and played well. Wentz is in his 5th year. He should be a budding superstar, yet he regressed to near Nate Sudfeld level. That’s not to say that Hurts does not have his problems, but being thrown to the wolves late in the season and showing he can move the ball, bodes well for his future.

    Having said that, If the Eagles can unload Wentz, get Lock and picks (even a 4th and 5th) Denver is a no brainer. Let Hurts and Lock battle it out in camp and use those 2 picks wisely. It’s hard to buy a good backup QB and 2 draft picks, but if you have to take the cap hit, you might as well get something in return. The Eagles need picks to continually replenish the team with young cheap talent. Then get a head coach (not Doug) who can design an exciting offense around Hurts, and in the process, Jeff needs to move Howie away from player selection and get someone who can really truly evaluate talent and make him special GM, who is not under Howie. Depending on how the draft falls, first choice should be Ja’Marr Chase and then Denonta Smith. Then you have an excellent #1, a decent #2 in Reagor and then use the other speed guys you drafted in an offense that really utilizes speed (KC anyone)?.

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