Pressure building on Eagles’ search for a veteran running back


In what feels like the 97th article this week on the Eagles’ search for a veteran running back to compliment Miles Sanders, we have some added clarity.

Jeff McLane reported today that the Eagles actually offered contracts to both Carlos Hyde and Devonta Freeman.

As we know from Adam Caplan’s report earlier this week, the Eagles don’t want to spend more than a veteran’s minimum. This, paired with the fact that the role itself would be rotational at best, doesn’t exactly make it the most Philly the most enticing landing spot in the league.

I also explored two other ideas recently – the development of Elijah Holyfield, and a potential trade for Royce Freeman.

The other wildcard here is LeSean McCoy, who may well take a hometown discount to reunite with the Eagles, but the move doesn’t make the most sense in terms of what it is the Birds actually want from their running back, knowing Shady does everything Miles Sanders already does.

It will be interesting to see where the Birds’ go from here, but it feels like there’s definitely pressure if it’s a vet they want. Hyde rejected an offer and signed one worth $3M more, and Freeman continues to weigh up the paths in front of him. It’s time to cough up some money or pursue another option for Howie Roseman.

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports