The Insane Gritty Word Art by Dan Duffy: This Should Pump Flyers Fans Up

What time is it? It’s Gritty time! “It me.” The Flyers struck gold on September 24, 2018, the day Gritty was born. Since then, Gritty has been on every talk show known to man, has run naked during a game, and has propelled himself down from the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center. Gritty just so happens to be the most popular mascot in hockey, much like the Phillie Phanatic is in baseball.

Flyers fans love Gritty, and so does a local artist Dan Duffy who runs websites and He made the neatest impersonation of Gritty one has ever seen. Word Gritty right before his first birthday:

If you find this neat, which I’m sure you will. Check out this video of the origin of Word Gritty by Dan Duffy:

Dan Duffy has completed many Philadelphia athlete’s pictures out of words. For instance, Brad Lidge and Brian Dawkins just to name a few. Some of Duffy’s work is also shown and sold every year at the Christmas Village in Center City Philadelphia, “Part of Dan’s goal is to recreate every single Philly sports icon out of words,” Mark Franzen an employee for Dan Duffy says, “Within less than a year, Gritty has already cemented himself as one of the greats!”

I mean I can barely draw a stick figure, let alone a word drawing. Dan just puts me to shame, but there were some other reasons he became inspired to draw Word Gritty, “He has a birthday coming up on Sept 24th, and to celebrate the beginning of the upcoming Flyers season,” Franzen said.

This latest masterpiece of Word Gritty by Dan Duffy might just top the charts. If your interested Flyers fans on purchasing your very own Word Gritty like I did, or some other word drawings Dan has done here are the links below:

Mandatory Credit: Dan Duffy

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