New Flyers mascot Gritty is here to stay, so let’s give him a chance!

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The Philadelphia Flyers debuted their long awaited mascot today and no one expected what followed. A long shaggy-haired orange googly-eyed creature now graces the grounds of the Wells Fargo Center.

His name is Gritty and he’ll wear 00’s.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not usually a Flyers writer, but this event felt like it needed the eyes of an outsider, so to speak.

This new mascot certainly is….interesting. The Flyers hadn’t had a mascot since the short-lived ‘Slapshot’ in 1976 and this begs the question, “Did they really need one?”.

I’m not sure if he’ll be more Blooper from the Braves or the Phanatic from the Phillies, but there is some potential here.

Let’s face it, Gritty is utterly ridiculous and isn’t really gritty whatsoever, but that might be alright. If the Flyers play this right, he could possibly be the second best mascot in Philadelphia. Sorry, nobody is going to beat the Phanatic.

Gritty could take a lesson from the green Galapagos Island native. He looks ridiculous enough to make some great hijinks in South Philly. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between fun and cringy. Time will tell on which side Gritty will land.

For now, Let’s give Gritty a chance. Welcome him with open arms and let’s see what the season holds.

Let’s also forget he looks like Youppi! from the Montreal Canadiens .

If you want to get to know Gritty further check out his page on the Flyers website.