Gritty’s first day with the Flyers was interesting to say the least…

Early Monday morning, Twitter was graced by the presence of the National Hockey League’s newest mascot. What ensued shortly thereafter, was borderline hysteria. Many people took the serious route, proclaiming their disdain for the new Philadelphia personality.

Others, many others, took the comical route instead.

Dammit Caitlyn, don’t you see the resemblance?

Personally, I think that Gritty looks like the love child of Animal from The Muppets and a certain Flyers forward that has me blocked on Twitter. Regardless, Gritty is likely here to stay, and maybe terrorize kids in their dreams as well. Or…

Ok now, I highly doubt Gritty is getting euthanized, but good lord, the creature looks like something of another world.

So Gritty is introduced to the world, and the fun begins. Gritty’s first order of business, get in on the best rivalry in hockey.

Right then and there was the start of something beautiful. Not only did Gritty respond to the Penguins twitter account with a quip of his own, but with that response, he endeared himself to the Flyer faithful, jumping right into the thick of the Flyers/Penguins rivalry. The day was not over, and neither were the shenanigans surrounding Gritty.

Gritty had his official first kiss, and at the Flyers game nonetheless! It was a memorable night already for the newest face of the Philadelphia Flyers, but his night was far from over, and things took a really dark turn once he took to the ice.

That’s right folks, his first day on this planet and he shot someone, and he got away with it! Donald Trump may talk about shooting someone in front of a crowd and getting away with it, but Gritty actually did it, so #Gritty2020.

Gritty gave us a scare as well, taking a nasty spill on ice that was caught on air by NBC Sports.

Gritty got up, fell again, and got up one more time. He was alright, and capped off his historic first day in Philly with a photo that will likely endear him to the whole Philadelphia fan base, or at least myself.

This mascot is going to be the death of me if he keeps posting stuff like this.

Even a 4-3 loss to the Boston Bruins B-Team couldn’t dim the bright glow of the Flyer’s new mascot bestowing his presence upon us. Gritty may look like something straight out of a children’s horror movie, but if he continues with his antics on Twitter and on ice, more and more fans will be drawn to him, and more and more fans will end up falling in love with the psychotic cartoon version of Jake Voracek.