My March Madness Disasterpiece: Part Two


Sweet Sixteen

Bold denotes team selected to advance

Duke vs Virginia Tech: I happened to be right with my pick taking Duke over Virginia Tech. Duke has not decisively won games in the NCAA tournament like we thought they would have, but Zion Williamson did not flop, scoring 23 points. Duke wins 75-73.

LSU vs Michigan State: This was another pick that I was correct on and Michigan State seemed to cruise to a win here with ease. The youth of the team really collected the win against LSU as Michigan State wins, 80-63.

Gonzaga vs Florida State: I was on a roll in the Sweet Sixteen with teams that weren’t busted in my bracket. Gonzaga goes to their fourth Elite Eight in school history after leading the entire game against Florida State, winning 72-58.

Texas Tech vs Michigan: I had Texas Tech selected to make it to the Sweet Sixteen round, but I had Nevada eventually getting into the Elite Eight in this slot. That is why this matchup was a miss for me. Texas Tech took control midway through the first half and never looked back, winning 63-44.

Virginia vs Oregon: Another team that hasn’t busted my bracket gets the win here in a low scoring game. Of all of the twelve seed teams that advanced, Oregon made it the furthest. Ty Jerome was the clutch player this game with 13 points, including a three-pointer to swing the momentum in favor of Virginia. Virginia makes their second Elite Eight in four years with a 53-49 win.

Purdue vs Tennessee: Of all the teams that had yet to break my bracket in the Sweet Sixteen round, Tennessee was the only one that lost. This game was a nail-biter that went into overtime. Carsen Edwards put up 29 points to send Purdue to the Elite Eight for the first time since 2000. Tennessee blew an 18 point lead, losing in overtime 94-99.

North Carolina vs Auburn: I had New Mexico State in the Sweet Sixteen round, then also advancing to the Elite Eight. North Carolina and Auburn were misses for me in my March Madness bracket. Going into halftime, North Carolina and Auburn played a very even game. Auburn took over in the second half to win the game, 97-80.

Kentucky vs Houston: I had Houston facing Wofford in the Sweet Sixteen with Wofford advancing to the Elite Eight, so this match up was also a miss. Tyler Herro made a three-pointer with twenty five seconds left in the game to give Kentucky the lead after Houston made a comeback. Kentucky escaped versus Houston with a win, 62-58.

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