My March Madness Disasterpiece: Part Two


Since part one of my March Madness bracket reveal, things have already become a dumpster inferno. By the time the Sweet Sixteen teams had already claimed their position, my bracket officially surpassed dumpster fire status. The mid-west region was one that I had no reason to pay attention to for the rest of the tournament after my pick, Wofford, was eliminated in a relatively close game. Now I had a new goal to set for my bracket, which was just to remain above 50% according to the ESPN Tournament Challenge that I completed this year. To clear things up, Wofford was an upset pick that I had going to the NCAA Championship game. Yes, like I said before, I’m subject to your judgment. I am a glutton for punishment. Where we left off last time, my ESPN Tournament Challenge accuracy percentage was at 43%. As I type this final chapter of my March Madness disasterpiece, the Final Four is wrapping up. Let’s check the cost of the damage.