My March Madness Disasterpiece: Part Two


Final Four
Bold denotes team selected to advance

Michigan State vs Texas Tech: Instead of these two teams, my bracket read Duke versus Gonzaga. Neither of these teams made it to the Final Four. As of right now, the final score reads Texas Tech over Michigan State, 61-51. Matt Mooney scores 22 points as Texas Tech kept on with their good defense throughout the March Madness tournament to reach the NCAA Championship game.

Virginia vs Auburn: While I did have Virginia making it to the Final Four, I had them playing my underdog team to go all the way this year, Wofford. Wofford isn’t close to the Final Four and unfortunately, I had Wofford beating Virginia in my bracket anyhow. This game was a miss for me. Upon controversy, Virginia secured the one point win via foul shot after an attempted three point shot. Kyle Guy took the foul shots to secure the victory, but I didn’t see the foul from Auburn. In my opinion, Auburn was screwed out of going to the NCAA Championship game. Feel how you want to feel about it however, Virginia escapes with a win, 63-62.

The stage is set for the NCAA Men’s Championship game after March Madness has played itself through. Texas Tech will be the underdogs against Virginia. After the way the closing moments of Auburn versus Virginia went down, I can’t support Virginia winning the NCAA tournament this year. Good defense wins championships, so I declare my own pick to be Texas Tech to hoist the trophy this year. On my bracket however, I had Gonzaga defeating Wofford. In the end, my March Madness bracket was an absolute disasterpiece. It’s something worse than a dumpster inferno now. I stuck to my guns and only completed one bracket, however, but I didn’t even surpass 50% on the ESPN Bracket Challenge. Before the NCAA Championship game, I stand here today with a 46% accuracy rating. If anything, I learned that I don’t know anything. I hope everyone enjoyed my crash and burn of a bracket and I’ll be watching the championship game just like all of you!

Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

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