The calm before the storm: Recapping All 40 Bowl Picks


If you’ve stuck with me through all 12,000 words and all 40 bowl breakdowns, you truly deserve some kind of award. But even if you decided, “I’m not reading 12,000 words on games I don’t care about. I just want your score predictions so I can rub it in your face when you’re wrong,” well, you’ve still come to the right place. Here’s nothing more than  list of winners for all 40 bowl games. If you’re looking for scores or if I think the team you’re betting on will cover the spread, you’re going to have to find those in the actual breakdown articles. Hey, a man has to get his views somehow!

Predicting the outcome of all 40 bowl games: Part 1

Predicting All 40 Bowl Games: Part Two

Predicting All 40 Bowl Bowl Games: Part Three

Predicting All 40 Bowl Games: Part Four


Winners In Bold

Troy over North Texas

Western Kentucky over Georgia State

Boise State over Oregon

Marshall over Colorado State

Arkansas State over Middle Tennessee State

FAU over Akron

SMU over Louisiana Tech

FIU over Temple

Ohio over UAB

Central Michigan over Wyoming

USF over Texas Tech

SDSU over Army

Toledo over Appalachian State

Fresno State over Houston

West Virginia over Utah

Northern Illinois over Duke

UCLA over Kansas State

Florida State over Southern Miss

Iowa over Boston College

Arizona over Purdue

Missouri over Texas

Navy over Virginia

Oklahoma State over Virginia Tech

Stanford over TCU

Washington State over Michigan State

Wake Forest over Texas A&M

NC State over Arizona State

Northwestern over Kentucky

Utah State over New Mexico State

Ohio State over USC

Louisville over Mississippi State

Memphis over Iowa State

Washington over Penn State

Wisconsin over Miami

South Carolina over Michigan

Auburn over UCF

LSU over Notre Dame

Semi Final: Oklahoma over Georgia

Semi Final: Alabama over Clemson

National Championship: Oklahoma over Alabama