The Sixers may actually be a likely destination for Marvin Bagley III


The 2018 draft just got richer as the no.1 player in the country reclassified to the 2017 class and committed to the Duke Blue Devils. Marvin Bagley is not only the no.1 college prospect but the no.1 NBA prospect on most NBA draft boards. NBA Draft Room called Bagley “the top prospect of this generation, a transcendent talent” and rightfully so. Bagley at 6-11, 225 lbs, can score from anywhere on the court including long range. He is dominant inside and can handle the ball like a guard. Bagley is ferocious above the rim and can pass well for a big man; Marvin Bagley is the real deal. The Sixers have a great chance to get two first round picks with one being a lottery pick owed to them by the Lakers if it’s not 2 through 5, which would then end up a Celtics pick via the trade for Markelle Fultz. The Lakers have added some pieces to compete and look to be a late lottery team around picks 8 through 10. Bagley is a talent you can build a team around and the Sixers already have 3 young cornerstone talents. Drafting Bagley straight up is not going to be likely, the Sixers are expected to be a playoff team this season and the chances of another dire Lakers season are low.

So you ask, how do the Sixers get Marvin Bagley? Here is how;

Jahlil Okafor’s name has been surfacing in trade rumors for quite a while. Okafor has been recently spotted in great shape and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks out. Okafor will be the back up to Embiid and with a year to digest his situation mentally, getting in better shape physically, Okafor looks to be a factor for Philadelphia. If Okafor can show consistent production and progress this year will, it will only increase his trade value.

Dario Saric meanwhile is an All-Star talent; it’s just that simple, his talent alone is worth a top 10 pick. If you add either of the Sixers first rounders or even throw in a TJ McConnell or TLC, that should be enough to bring Bagley to Philly. You think that’s too much? Of course. In the deal, the Sixers will get a little more back with Bagley to compensate the trade, but the big fish is Bagley. This trade not only gives the sixers another Generational talent, the trade frees up a lot more money so the sixers can bring back JJ Redick who desires a long-term future. Let’s not forget the the LeBron James possibility with this added cap room but if The King isn’t convincing enough or the Sixers need to look elsewhere, a huge pool of cap space could help lure big-name free agents.

The trade puts a line up in the front court with Ben Simmons, Marvin Bagley, and Joel Embiid, on paper, that possibly could be one of the best front courts in the league for years to come. The back court would give you a deadly tandem ofJJ Redick and Markelle Fultz , but wait, there is another scenario.

If the hype of LeBron James is in fact real and he comes to Philly, you could see LeBron James, Marvin Bagley, and Joel Embiid no question the best front court in the league with a backcourt of Fultz, Simmons with Redick off the bench. It can all happen and we know the Sixers are not afraid to make a big move, just look at how they got Fultz. The Sixers have put the franchise in a great situation for the future and the possibility of adding another generational talent is something worth salivating over.


Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports